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In solid edge , we know that if we edit in the part , the draft file is automatically update but its vice versa is possible in solid edge? Means if we edit in draft file , the part is automatically update.  


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No. Solid Edge does not function this way. Changes to models force draft changes but not the other way around.


Bob Henry

Bob Henry
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Re: draft to part

r u sure??? because in solidworks , it is possible..

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Yes, he's sure.  This process is not supported in Solid Edge.  If you want to edit your model, double click on a drawing view to open the model, make the edit and then close/save the model and your returned to Draft to update.


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Re: draft to part

This is also why Solid Edges draft files can handle (from personal experience) upwards of 25 sheets, with many shaded views of assemblies & parts, in one document.
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