drawing views not always resizing when updated


So, there was a time when I blamed this on what I figured was an errant drag of the drawing view boundary, but I can now say this isn't the case. When I update the drawing views for some parts, when the model got larger or moved in regards to the origin, my views don't always resize accordingly. Doesn't cause any problems when it gets smaller, but when it gets larger and the view updates, and the drawing view boundary doesn't resize along with it, it detaches dimensions. So I have to exit the drawing without saving, and then right click on the views and tell it to uncrop. before updating.


Does anybody know why this keeps happening. It isn't because I resized the views because I'm sitting here doing save as on the exact same drawing that I just uncropped all of the views for, and no matter what when I update if I don't uncrop the view again it the boundary stays in the same place and the part grows beyond it.

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Re: drawing views not always resizing when updated


Yes I've seen this behaviour, and I think it has always been the case.

If parts or assemblies are getting larger, or have even moved, then you need to drag the view boundary to make it big enough to show the new size/position.

I think you can also get round the problem by going to View Properties > Advanced > Limit Edge Creation and unchecking the option "Only generate edges inside or overlapping view boundaries"

(This setting is usually on to reduce processing time and file size in draft.)

This will allow the view to create the new edges outside the existing boundary and should allow dimensions to re-attach.


The only problem with this is you have to do it for each view.

Maybe a macro for this would help (you there Tushar? Smiley Very Happy)

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Re: drawing views not always resizing when updated

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i just know this use to not be a problem. can't remember when this started. all i know it creats more work

Re: drawing views not always resizing when updated

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I guess auto-resizing could be a problem if the ability to purposely change what displays in a view is useful. I suppose if auto-sizing to view extents was a fact the crop view function would need to be used all the time.

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