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duplicate part document names


Is there any resolution for duplicate part document names...


I think you are going to have to be more explicit. What p...

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Community Manager

I think you are going to have to be more explicit. What problems are you facing with duplicate document names? (and do you mean the filename on disk?)

Dan Staples
Director, Solid Edge Product Development

Re: duplicate part document names

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PLM World Member Genius

Two answer

1- from the revision manager you have a tool to search for duplicated name ( document) This will give you a report of the file. Then it is a manual intervention

2- Place your document under a manage environment. Insight for example as a option you can tick, it will prevent you from creating duplicated name document.

Also I believe there is a tool to help prepare the data when migrating to an manage environment. I didn't use it but other might be able to get more input how the prepare tool can help when duplicated document name are found.

Re: I think you are going to have to be more explicit. What p...

Some history....Because of time and need...When I first started using SE (being an autocad guy for 20 plus years the software was loaded on my pc and I went thru the tutorials for 3 months prior to taking my first class) I was creating parts on the fly in each I progressed thru time and a large number of new projects I was relating back to various parts from older projects and inserting them into new project assemblies...Then I decided to "organize" my files in each project and then into a "parts library" after a year and learning by accident how parts ...assemblies really worked...I starting going back into the older projects and noticed that part relationships were no longer available....because I had moved them all.....well this started a problem thru out all projects...with ST6 it has been easier to locate and change the path of the duplicate parts to the part library...
Now...I will research the info you sent me concerning the managed environment...just have to see the big picture and get outside of my comfort zone...
Thank you...

Bruce Watson
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Re: I think you are going to have to be more explicit. What p...

Yes file names on the hardrive...I've basically just bit the bullet and relocated all par files to a central location on the drive ...then went thru each asm and re-assigned the par file location...As I deal with a tremendous par file repetition in my projects pulling from that location only is a must...I created a nightmare for myself...ST6 is definitely a big help...But now that I understand how SE works I can create less of a problem for myself...Thank you