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dxf- files

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Is it possible to work with AutoCad files in Solid Edge???


Re: dxf- files


yes, you can work with Auto CAD files within Solid Edge Draft environment in different ways.
You can import DWG/DXF in the draft environment.
In Draft, also in drafts from 3D models, you can use Blocks from a DWG/DXF direct without any conversion.
You can mix pure 2D data, with 2D views created from 3D models.
Solid Edge knows also Paperspace and Modelspace like ACAD. From the 2D Modelspace you can create views in the Paperspace, from this views you can create details as you can do it from 3D model views.
The handling of pure 2D Views does not differ from those, created from a 3D model.
The only limitations are, when the function need the 3rd dimension, e.g. creating a section, those functions are available only for model views.
And last but not least, you can save a Solid Edge Draft as DWG/DXF.
kind regards

Markus Gras
Unitec Informationssysteme
- Germany -