editing swept protrusions

Hello Experts,


I was wondering how a Swept Protusion can be modified after it is created. I clicked on it once and twice but neither open the dialog box to edit.


I appreciate your help.


Re: editing swept protrusions

If done in Synch, you really can't edit it.  Those kind of features need to be done in Ordered so that you can edit the input sketches for path/cross section.


Production: ST9 MP7
Testing: ST10

Re: editing swept protrusions

IC. Thanks for your reply. It helped a lot.

Re: editing swept protrusions

This is exactly what the Live Section command is for in Synch. This will allow you to cut the sweep anywhere you want, and will create a linked cross section that you can then adjust.


-Dylan Gondyke

Re: editing swept protrusions

Thanks Dylan. It is a good point. However, after I created the Live Section, I could not make modifications, I think because of relationships. I need to work on that more.