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error with license

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i updated license file as specified - in program sub-folder within 2d group, but now get error - 'connection to license file server could not be established'. Have re-started, have re-extracted license info but still will not open.

Re: error with license

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OK, I can answer my own question..I was a current user of Solid Edge when could not log in because of expired license. I am using Win System 7. Following instructions with license download did not work.

To get program up again I had to uninstall then when re-installing original version (downloaded in January), but with a difference. Before installation begain, when prompted for user info there is a field for license file link - I extracted zip file then browsed in field to link to extracted .dat file. This worked I am happy to say.

A great program but not a good license renewal process - I would rather buy the program for a modest price than waste time figuring out how to get it working.