export draft as PDF with layers in it

I have a draft with different layers in Solid Edge and want to export these draft as a PDF format with all the layers in it. because in the Acrobat reader, I want to have the possibility that i can hide or unhiden the layers.

this is not possible in Solid Edge, have anyone expirience with a work around or a free viewer that shows the layers?

because, even the SE viewer don't show the layers.

any suggestions is welcome.



Re: export draft as PDF with layers in it

A workaround, though it's not great, is to export as a DXF, then from AutoCAD, DraftSight or similar, export a PDF including the layers.

Another PDF viewer isn't going to help as the layers aren't there to view, not sure about other SE draft file viewers.

Re: export draft as PDF with layers in it

Right, Solid Edge does not appear to save layer information in the exported PDF.

Good workaround Alex_H !!



Re: export draft as PDF with layers in it

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Ask and ye shal be enhanced.

Your recent call to the Global Technical Access Center, Incident Report (IR)Number 7534090 opened on 14-OCT-2015, has been researched by our GTACsoftware engineers. They have determined that this issue should be  reviewed for possible enhancement to the current software functionality.


Re: export draft as PDF with layers in it

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BRILLIANT!.....thanks for the update @JasonTitcomb


TBH, I hadn't even realised it didn't export them....further, it would be good if there was also an option in that enhancement, to flatten the layer structure, incase of sensitive layer names, that might give away too much info.

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