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I design my parts in 3d. When using SolidWorks, I can export a face as a DXF file, and use that for laser cutting or other machining of 2.5D parts. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to export SolidEdge views as a DXF.


Can this be done?


Only components designed in the "Sheet Metal" [or convert...

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Only components designed in the "Sheet Metal" environment [or *.Par files converted to] can be saved as a DXF, using the flat pattern process,...but otherwise, you'd need to make a "Draft" file, orient a view for the face required, and save as DXF.


Make certain the view is placed at 1:1. >or< RMB on the scaled view, select "Draw In View", then save as DXF. [is sure way to be at model size]

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Re: Only components designed in the "Sheet Metal" [or convert...

If you use complex profile shapes, pay attention to the Sheet Metal 'Flatten' options to ensure that your geometry is unfolded the way you want it to be.
-Dylan Gondyke