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extrude an ellipse

I am trying to extrude as a finger pad an ellpse on a nozzle cone but am struggling to "unblock" the nozzle. Tips most welcome

Accepted by dcstaples (Community Manager)
‎08-26-2015 04:32 AM

In cases where you have non-planar faces you are attempti...

In cases where you have non-planar faces you are attempting to place features on and depending on if those features offset surface must match the parent face, there are a few ways to attack this.  You can simply offset a plane a set distance from your cone, place your ellipse and extrude it to the conical face.  If you need it's face to match the cones, then you can offset the surface of the cone and then use Replace Face to trim the non-conforming surface away.


For unique geometry questions like this, it may help in the future to include a pic of what you are trying to do to help with the understanding.

Ken Grundey
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