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feet & inches?

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How do I get ALL measurements in feet & inches?

Re: feet & inches?

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Are you refering to inputs in commands or dimensions?
Or are you refering to both?
First I assume you are working with ANSI standards. Correct?
You specify this when you install the software.
ANSI defaults to inch format, not metric.
You set inputs to feet-inch by doing the following.
Click on the round application button at the far top-left.
Go down to Properties in the list.
Go over and up to File Properties. Click on File Properties.
Click on the Units tab.
Change 'Units' to 'ft-in'.
If you want fractional inputs, change Precision to the desired fractional
Click on OK to make the changes. This changes the command inputs.
To change fractional display you must modify the dimension style.
Click on the Home tab.
In the Dimension command group, click on Styles.
In the 'Style type' list click on Dimension.
In the 'Styles' list click on ANSI (inch).
Click on the Modify button.
Click on the Units tab.
Change the 'Units' to 'ft-in'.
Change the roundoff the same as the precision before.
Click on OK.
Click on Apply.
This sets up the file for feet and inches.
If you want all files to be like this, you must make the changes in the
template file.
The template file is the seed file when you create new files.
The template file can be found in the 'Solid Edge 2D Drafting ST3\Template'
Open the 'ansi draft.dft' file and make the changes.
I took you through the steps to change the active file so that you know what
to change before modifying the template file.
Rick B.

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> How do I get ALL measurements in feet & inches?
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