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graphics problem




please help me when i start creating sketch, when i move the mouse automatically previous mouse position not yet deleted? 

please help me how to delete these temporary graphicsimage.pnggraphic problem


Betreff: graphics problem

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor

Hi @shreeharsha



this is a typical graphics crad issue.

Either the dirver must be updated or - suppose more this reason - the settings within Solid Edge should be changed.


From "Advanced Graphics Card Driven" to "Graphics Card Driven" or even "Software Advanced"




You also should try to get the lates appropirate driver for Your card, and if there is an internal card too, to set the better card for Solid Edge only.


PS.: could it be, that You have a Gforce rather than a Quadro? Or even worse, an ATI?





Re: graphics problem

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Honored Contributor

Solid Edge puts lots of pressure on vid cards. Once something like that happens, it time for a full reboot. On our BOXX machines with really good vid cards, we have to reboot typically every 3 hours or so becuase the vid memory does not clean it's self up. Drivers and vid card configuration have a huge impact. Once I moved up from a K4200 to an M8000, I can no go most days without the need to reboot.