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group of holes

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I am fabricating an aircraft instrument panel, in this panel there are two
basic size instrument holes I need to deal with. Each instrument has 4 mounting
screw holes arount it on the 45* angle. First, can I make a template of each of
the instruments and save it. Then be able to copy 4 or 6 of them onto a
drawing? How would I do this? Thank you. Kevin

Re: group of holes

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If you want to make geometry reusable, I suggest you use blocks.
Draw your instrument. Run the Block command. Select the geometry that you
want in the block. Give it a name and define the origin. The origin will be
the point in the block by which it is placed. This will create the block in
the file. You can then drag and drop multiple instances of the block from
Read about Blocks in Help. If you need to use the same block in multiple
drawings you can create a block library. this allows you to put the blocks
in an external .dft file and access them from new drawings.
Rick B.