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help a student out


Hey forum users!

As I'm new to the program Solid Edge and was assigned to design a frame of a cart (as out 5-membered crew has to put together a cart), I'm turning to you with a request. Is there a fellow forum user who'd willing to design the frame with Solid Edge? I'm adding a picture below of the measurements and everything else.

The measurements are given in millimetres.
Really hoping there's someone who'd help me out. Thanks in advance.



Re: help a student out

Solid Edge has a very powerful and easy to use frame feature


here is a link to the SE help:


There are tutorial in help and a number of youtube videos on Solid Edge Frame.


I believe it would be a dis-service for someone to build this frame for you.


With learnign curve and all you aught to be able to this done is a day or two max.


I'd suggest giving it a go and if you have issue or need a bit of help for a particular coping or intersection post a follow up for that specfic question..  you will learn more by doing than asking for other to do your work...


there are lots of professional users here to help...  but not sure how many are will to just do soemone elses work who is not interested in doing it themself...  just my 2cents...


Good Luck, I'll be following if you want to attempt this and need specific help..  im more than willing and eager to help.



Re: help a student out

I knew people would say that but I'm really caught up with my research paper and everything else so I thought it wouldn't hurt to ask someone to quickly do it. I know it's not right to ask people to do my work instead of doing it myself but I'm really in time trouble.
Thanks for the help though Smiley Happy