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hoses / tubes / pipes in Xpress Route

Hy everybody,


In our projects sometimes we must do the pipes / hoses that connects different assemblies. Specially for water system and sometimes also for air system. In order to do that, we have a big assembly where we have inserted other assemblies, and in the assembly environment , through the tool XPRESS Route we are creating the "path" of the hose.

At the end, we select the hose, go to the "transfer option" , and move the hoses in the desired assembly.

Now, it seems that doesn't work, at least when using the Solid Edge connected with the Teamcenter.

I even try to "broke" the links, and I am not able to move the hoses to the desired assembly. Did anybody had this problem? And is there a solution?


Thank you guys!



Ciprian Chiosa
Solid Edge ST8 + TC10.1 - Win 7 x64
SIPA Enginnering Romania

Re: hoses / tubes / pipes in Xpress Route

If you are using a managed environment (Teamcenter) and you are creating the hoses at the top level assy I would think you would need to check-out the top level assy to make those changes.
What I recommend is to have a system level assembly that is a component in the top assembly. That allows you to control your system design without effecting the master assembly structure.
Master Assy
Hyd System
Water System
Air System

Re: hoses / tubes / pipes in Xpress Route

I did that. So what I have :

Top Assembly 

       Frame assembly

       Assembly 1

       Assembly 2

       TARGET ASSEMBLY (will become water system assembly)



Top assembly and TARGET ASSEMBLY are Check-Out to me. Also the hose1.par and the hose2.par. 

Than I select the hoses, go to transfer command, and I select the TARGET ASSEMBLY. At that point nothing happens. Solid Edge seems to ... thinking...thinking...thinking.... and after once I waited for 3 hours.... well.... I have my doubts that it is actually doing something. Also if I check the date (check-out date / Date Last Modified ecc) in Teamcenter all I see and it is correct it is the Check Out date & time of all the codes / parts / assembly. Nothing else change.



Ciprian Chiosa
Solid Edge ST8 + TC10.1 - Win 7 x64
SIPA Enginnering Romania