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how explain this curves / lines ?



Part one:

1)  draw sketch with lines and curve, connect to axis end point and copy  all sketch. Paste on parallel plane's sketch.  two identical sketches on parallel planes;

2) use loft to connect this two sketches;

3) mirror lofted part;

4) and why lines don't show, but curve is show ? How to do invisible curve in the middle ?

(please, see attached print screens)

Part two:

How to create in ST10 one curve (line) from lines and curves on this sketch ? Lock or rigid don't fit, because still are different lines. Split funcion is in ST10, from one line to do two, but how to do from two lines, or line and curve one, not splited ?  Maybe is a reason in this skecth, that lines don't show, but curve is visible.

example is solid works here:

Thank You for answers



Re: how explain this curves / lines ?


Hi @Tomy


The seam line is seen in SolidWorks as well:



1. This seems to be more of a kernel level thing and both SolidWorks and Solid Edge use the same.


In Solid Edge you can use the Delete Faces DeleteFaceCommand.pngcommand to make it appear without the seam line. Simply pick one of the curved faces with the healing option ON. I believe SolidWorks also has the Delete Face command on the Surfacing toolbar with may more options like healing, patching, no healing or patching, tangency, etc. which is very cool.



2. For converting lines to a spline or a smooth curve, you can use a free app from the page below: (opens in new tab/window)

Search for "Convert Lines To Spline" on the page.


~Tushar Suradkar

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Re: how explain this curves / lines ?


Thank You for interesting answers, but in my way didn't help. Reason is, that I can convert just LINES, no plus curve. And if I lines converts to spline, automatycaly change geometry. I need one curve and three lines connect to 1 unit, without geometry changes. 

If I choose delete faces, this function don't good for me, because is just piece of part and if I delete face with heal, no line any more, but change my surface that is connected with other surfaces.


Re: how explain this curves / lines ?

Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

Hi @Tomy




it isn't so that I do not want to help, but I simply do not understand - so far - what Your request really is, and what Your final goal will be.


Maybe You can explain this a little bit more in detail, and as soon as we see the goal, I'm 100% confident, that somebody will provide You with a solution.

As said, at the moment I cannot see what and why all this request might be necessary.

I think, there will not be an 100% equal function or feature, but Ihope to have a solution anyway.



Re: how explain this curves / lines ?

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Solution Partner Phenom

Like Wolfgang already said, it would be good to explain your final goal as I am also sure that there are other solutions to get there.

If you don't want the extra line on the body, why don't you create a symmetric extruded protrusion?

If you need the Loft feature, then create your first sketch on a parallel plane and mirror it at the origin, finally loft between the two sketches. This will also give you a body without extra lines.