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how to lock chanfers




an issue I've been fighting with for a long time....

please see the attached picture "chanfer"


you see chanfers at every corner of the part. The vertical dimensions (28, 35mm) and Ø (on the right, hidden values) must be easyly changed. But the dimensions of concerned chanfers should stay unchanged.


But when I change the 35mm to 45mm for example, have a look at the result, picture "chanfer_2"


How to properly lock these elements ?





Re: how to lock chanfers

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

A chamfer dimension is a non-driving annotation. That means the dimension is display driven by the geometry. It will not maintain fixed distances relative to the vaues in the dimension. It will display the values based on the current state of the geometry. Think of it more like a callout derived from the geometry. If you want to maintain the distance and angle of the offset in the chamfer, you will need to place Distance Between and Angular Dimensions that will drive the geometry. If you require the display to be a chamfer dimension, you can put the driving dimensions on a different layer and then turn off that layer. Leave the layer on which the chamfer dimension is placed displayed.



Rick B.