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how to recover deleted solid edge file?


I was working on an assembly and when I closed it and try to reopen it, it shows me an error that the file could net be searched/open. I have checked it in the directory where I have saved it but could'nt file that file. This happened to me more than one time.

For now I am willing to restore that file. Is there any way to do so??


Re: how to recover deleted solid edge file?

Gears Phenom Gears Phenom
Gears Phenom

I think this could be a case of corrupt CFG file.

At the risk of losing any assembly configuration, try deleting the .CFG file associated with the assembly and try opening it again.

Re: how to recover deleted solid edge file?

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Solution Partner Legend

May be you will find something in the Backup-Folder!?


%APPDATA%\Unigraphics Solutions\Solid Edge\Version 10?\SeBackup


Our experience is that this happened very often if a user is deleting a file from a network storage because there is nothing to get this file back. No recycle bin on the desktop will help.


After moving a lot of customers to SharePoint we could solve this issue because losing a file by deleting or reanming is almost impossible. Deleting a file will move the file to the users recycle bin and even if the useres empty his recycle bin the files are moved to the admin recycle bin where they can be restored very easyly. Renamed and moved files will be find by the system automatically. See Video!


Saved some lifes Smiley Happy