insulation fill/hatch - overlapping 'S' shape

Is there a fill pattern to show the common type  for insulation of an overlapping 'S' shape?


This is a fairly universal pattern that is well understood, but I have not seen it in Solid Edge. There is the radial pattern, so it seems that hatches are no longer limited to just straight lines.



Betreff: insulation fill/hatch - overlapping 'S' shape

Hi @pmckay




AFAIK there will be no hatch/fill style other than the linear one and the wood fill.


This would be a big enhancement if we would be able to use fill/hatch patterns with more "complex" (not really complex, isn't it) geometry for materials like concrete (better than now), isolation, etc.



Betreff: insulation fill/hatch - overlapping 'S' shape

Thanks @hawcad. Yes, it's a bit embarrassing when you tell a client that, umm, no I can't do what AutoCad and Solid Works can do....