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intellisketch relationship (snap) settings


I would like the intellisketch settings to be on my tool bar at all times so that
I can quickly turn on or turn off certain snaps. Intellisketch is great but changing
the settings is far too time consuming. I usually leave most all of the snaps checked
but in dense drawings it can be a real pain trying to pick the right point, intersection
etc. I use quick pick when possible but sometimes I just wish I could just specify
only one method at a time. Is there a way to do this that I have overlooked or missed?
If quick pick had more options instead of just MICE that would be a big help. My
old cad system had ways of just selecting the specific snap method you wanted to
use. Intellisketch is superior in many ways but could be improved.


Re: intellisketch relationship (snap) settings

The next release of Solid Edge 2D Drafting will put the IntelliSketch
options on the tool bar.
We should release the new version within the next couple of months. I will
post a message to the newsgroup when it is available.
You can return to the free2D web site and download the new version at that
time. The current license of V20 will expire at the end of October. You can
simply update the V20 license for another year or upgrade to the new version
at that time. Both are still free.
Rick B.