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interpart relationships cannot be placed


I have my brand spanking new ST6.


I've created parts put them into an assembly then added holes in the "part in place" making relationships to other parts to line holes in one part up with hole in another. then i moved the parts into a sub assembly to try and organize the structure.


Now I go back in to modify those parts in place and I'm getting an error that seems to be because it's still looking at the original top assembly.


error says:


Inter-part relationships cannot be placed in the context of the currently open assembly. The in-context assembly is "location of my top level assembly"


So now it won't let me place new interpoart relationships within the new subassembly..... Any way around this ? basically I'm trying to line holes in the part up to holes in another.


Re: interpart relationships cannot be placed


I can make the modifications from the original top level assembly. So the thing still thinks that it muist look to the top instead of the sub assembly that both parts are now in. Is there a way of moving references ?