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is my sketch completely dimensioned?


Hi there!


I'm using Solid Edge 2D Drafting ST6. Is there a way to notice, that my sketch is completely dimensioned? Some time ago I have been working with CATIA; it's sketching module showed different line colors when the sketch was either been under, correctly or overdimensioned.


Thanks in advance!


Solid Edge also has that capability in the sketch environ...

Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

Solid Edge also has that capability in the sketch environments of the 3D modes, but I do not believe it is available in Draft.  The closest tool you can use is the Relationship Assistant.  When invoked, there are two parts to it.  One part "auto constrains" elements while the other part (Show Variability) will tell you when you are partially/fully constrained.


Production: ST10 MP5
Testing: SE 2019