isometric cut planes in a draft

i am trying to creat a cut/section plane on a isometric view according to asme standards.

i am attaching a picture of what it should be like. I did this by drawing in view and creating two seperate views that are not attached. the only thing i did not place in the parent view is the coordinate system that should be in there also. if anyone knows of a way to have solid edge creat such a view please let me know.


Re: isometric cut planes in a draft

I think this will do.....


In your assembly, go to the PMI tab and select "Section" on the right. Follow and read the steps, use help if you have to. This will create the section. Now in you drawing view, make the isometric view and go to properties. In properties there will now be a "Sections" tab, select it and turn on (check mark) the section you created in the model.


If you already have the view then just right click and go to properties.

Re: isometric cut planes in a draft

that will creat the section but what i mainly need is the cut plane in the draft view with the border, section arrows and individual coordinate system for that plane

using the method you described will work but it will not tie the section to the plane in the draft just in the model

Re: isometric cut planes in a draft

Interesting, never had to do that. I don't believe there is an option for that, but hopefully someone may know besides drawing it in.

Re: isometric cut planes in a draft

We never have either, but we are trying to get the drafting up to asme standards which says that is the correct way to do that type of view. We use to do exploded details with no parent view. Like most do I would beleive. Just for a simple detail.

Re: isometric cut planes in a draft

Looks like the type of work I'm in - rail vehicles?


We do similar things, but for something like this I would create a small scale plan view just to show the location of the 'box'. We'd call it a Location Plan.

It it's clear enough then we would just cut the section from the location plan.

If not, we would create an enlarged detail view and cut it from there.

The iso view would then just be added for additional clarity.


Having said that, I like what you have done and the option of cutting from planes on an iso view would be great.

To do it I think you would have to create the cutting plane in the model and use that to define your section on the drawing, otherwise how would you define the orientation of the view.


Instead of drawing lines in the view, how about creating a reference plane in the assembly model. You can then turn on the display of the plane and display as reference in your drawing view.


You can do broken out section views defined on an orthogonal view and apply them to iso views, but I think what you are trying to do is more or less the opposite.

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Re: isometric cut planes in a draft

Perhaps you can try it like in this post?

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