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lack of virtial memory


I am getting a lack of virtial memory every time I try to access a Autocak dwg
file of 58,567 kb but no problem with a 68,985 kb file.
The error shows up at the end just whwn the 2d page is comming up.
I am using the V100 version of 2 d and this is the first problem that i am having.
Question can I save the files as a dwg file as I did not see an option that was
there on the last version.
Keep up the good work!

Re: lack of virtial memory

If you can email the DWG file directly to me, I will see if I can see why
the file does not open.
Solid Edge has always been able to save as DWG and DXF. Run Save As. On the
Save As dialog, change the 'Save as type' combo box to DWG. You can set
options as needed. Then click on Save. It will create a DWG file of the same
Rick B.