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I travel nonstop and work in industrial environments.  What will be the best, reasonably affordable (under $1,500.00) notebook for using Solid Edge ST7.  I receive some customer files that are 65mb or so that I have to manipulate.  Any hardware suggestions will be appreciated as well.  I currently use an ASUS N55S I7 processor with 8gb ram.  It works ok until I get files that are 50mb or so.  Then it gets sluggish.  It is 3 years old and well-traveled (meaning beat all to heck). 


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Hi there,


I've been angling towards a Surface Pro3......and just recently @BobMileti posted on his recent activity on one.....


[and his video showing an 1000 part assembly]

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thanks for the info. I was doing a bit of dreaming about the surface.

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Just out of curiosity, has anyone tried Solid Edge on a Lenovo Yoga 2?



Kyle Joiner