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license server (down)

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I faced problem about license. Im a client. (my company uses solid edge + embedded client. + teamcenter + add to teamcenter)

I received this message

"license server machine is down or not responding.

see the system administrator about starting the license"

but server computer was no problem and the other computers executes properly

.how can i solve it?

how can I change the license path without using license utility?

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‎01-27-2016 06:26 AM

Re: license server (down)

In your c:\Program Files\Solid Edge ST8\Preferences folder, you will see a file called selicense.dat.  That is the license file... If you open it with Notepad, it should contain the information for your server as shown below:


SERVER yourservername SE_HWKEY_ID=nnnnn 27001
VENDOR selmd


"yourservername" is the name of the license server.  "nnnnn" is your hardware key number but I do not believe it is needed.  "27001" is the port number and is the default delivered with the license server/file, but could be changed by the license admin if you have pultiple products using flexLM.

Ken Grundey
Production: ST9 MP6
Testing: ST10