maintain XLS link to the part

I'm using spreadsheet imbeded within drafting files for bending table (The default bend tables don't give back gage and stick out).


When I use revision manager to make a copy of a compliment of draft/assy/part&sheet files the links to the XLS files are not maintained. Is there a way to have revision manager seek out the imbeded XLS files and keep then linked durring the copy process?


It apeears the right answer to to learn how to create a tabls fron scratch and use formulas within solid edge rather than XLS, but that requires more learning that I can't spare this week.


Re: maintain XLS link to the part

I have been atempting to solve my own problem by avoiding the spreadsheet. The problem I have now is how to get a modified dimension (DIM+Thickness+Bend Radius) into the bend table. The math and referanced dimension is different for every bend of every part.


I need to maintain the link and live update if the part changes.

Re: maintain XLS link to the part

The real problem is I can't find any way of pasting a variable link into a table cell, preferably a bend table cell.

Re: maintain XLS link to the part

I gave up on trying to link a table cell, Back to the spreadsheets. Now my problem is trying to create a perpetual link that updates after the drafting file has been closed in opened. 


If I put a link into a new spreadsheet, while both the draft file and spreadsheet file are open, they maintain an active updating link. The spreadsheet is not saved on it's own. The file is imbeaded into the drafting file. To open I just click on the imbeaded table (spreadsheet view). But after opening, the links are still there, but not working. And if I add a new link, that does not work, I just get "REF#" as a result.


Anybody have any Idea's what I'm doing wrong?