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mark equal parts in assembly




How can i mark all equal parts of one type at the same time by one click? I do not want to search all the equal parts in an assembly and then mark part by part by holding the control button on the keyboard.


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Re: mark equal parts in assembly


I'm not sure what you mean by all 'equal' parts - do you mean you want to select all instances of a particular part?


If so, there's 'Select all identical parts' button under the drop down in the Select group of icons on the Home tab. Just pick one instance of the part, then click this button and all will be selected.

Re: mark equal parts in assembly


Thanks, thats what i wanted. Is it possible to create a shortcut or a key combination on the keyboard?

Re: mark equal parts in assembly

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Yes you can. To do this, while in an assembly document, first click the little dropdown arrow on the Quick Access bar and select Customize:




When the Customize dialog appears, make sure 'Assembly' is set as the 'Environment to customize' and 'All Tabs' is set in 'Choose commands from'. On the Keyboard tab, expand the Home group in the command list, then expand the 'Select' entry and expand the 'Select Parts Constrained To' entry. Under that entry you will see the 'Select All Identical Parts' command - click on that and you can go set the accelerator to what you want.




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