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modify frame


Hello all,


I  have successfully created a frame and I want to modify the cross-section of the frame.


Therefore I thought to exchange the part-file against another one.

1) I tried right clicked "edit definition" on FrameComponent/Frame# within the path-finder, to modify the contents of the existing item Frame Component/Frame#. But this way I only have the option to edit the frame's path but cannot choose the cross-section file.

2) Another approach was to generate a new frame_component in the path-finder's list of frame components and could compare the results to find out, which looks better. But here I found, that I only could generate a new frame component, if I deleted the other frame component with the identical path before. Is that an expected behaviour?


Which way would You suggest to modify the cross-section of an already generated frame?


best regards





Betreff: modify frame


I attach for illustration this video


(view in My Videos)