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modifying part copy to add feature


I have imported a file as a part copy from a vendor but want to add wrapped text to the surface as a protrusion.  I have added the wrapped text on the surface but it will not allow me to create a "normal protrusion" as I normally do when I create my parts myself and do this.


Has anyone ran across this and found a trick to do it?  Or doesn't SE allow this function/feature to be done on an imported part?


This is the error I get each time I go to do it:  I know the text is on the curved surface though.


wrap text error.JPG


Re: modifying part copy to add feature


The message in the image prompts me to think if the profile indeed lies on the surface.

The only time I could manage to get this message when trying to reproduce the problem mentioned was when the profile curve was not on the surface but still on a plane before I projected it on to the part surface for a subsequent normal cutout or protrusion.

Can you post a picture of the curve and the surface ?


Re: modifying part copy to add feature


Here are my steps to help you out.  Again, I do this all the time with parts I create/modify.  But this is the first time I've tried to do it with a part copy/import file.


1) Create sketch (picking the tangent plane from the drop down menu)

2) pick orientation

3) write text

4) hit finish.


Then I go to surfacing.

1) hit the "wrap sketch" button

2) I click on surface that text will be wrapped to. (it highlights), and I hit finish

3) then I click my text as a chain, hit green check and then finish..

text is now wrapped, and I hide sketch to do the protrusion.  That's when I get the previous error message.


Here is the surface and text included

wrap test.JPG