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motion in assebllies


I want to open solid edge assembiles configration file but i cant open it please help me


Re: motion in assebllies

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Gears Esteemed Contributor

Hi there,


You can not do this directly in SE.....the "CFG" file is a Solid Edge - Assembly "system only" file.

You'd need to use an application, such as "Note Pad++" or similar.

.....but really, WHY would you even want to OPEN the configuration file?

Sean Cresswell
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Re: motion in assebllies

For motion settings you don't need to acces the *.cfg file. The configuration file is a file that save the settings of all the configurations you make in the assembly.

When there is an error in the assembly you can fix it in the most of times by deleting the *.cfg file, but all the configurations are deleted.

It makes no sense to open a configuration file to make some changes, accept if you understand the symbols.

Daniël Schuiling
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Re: motion in assebllies


Hi every one...I have recently started working on motion simulation(NX).Prior to that,I have used Pro-mechanism and ADAMS extensively.All in all I am having 6+yrs of experience in dynamic simuations.

I am encountering  few problems while working on motion simulation(NX).If any one over here has worked on motion simulation,please reply so that I can get in touch with you or if you have any training material in the form of pdf or video files then please share the link.


Thanks in advance.



Sandeep Dalmia

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Re: motion in assebllies

You have posted in the Solid Edge forum.


I suggest you post to the NX forum for your NX specfic question.