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must be an easier way, variable table


I am not sure if there is a fix, work aroudn or what.


I have an assembly that in ordered since we are woking with sheetmetal.


I have to bounce back and forth between variables and peer variables and change the paste links between parts because I use design manager and remane, or change the directory of an assembly to another directory.


When I do that, I then go into the variable table and alter the height, width and depth to something other than what it was before. 


Is there a possible way that there is a different method that I can "link" between the peer variables and the variable table without copy link here and paste link there?


Thank you.




Betreff: must be an easier way, variable table

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Esteemed Contributor

Hi @Lex-luthor


IMHO there is no easier way to link multiple variables from one document to another than You explained.



But maybe a different approach can help You.


If the variables are somehow based on geometry - what I normally suppose to be the case - then You can share assembly sketches (with containing several dims) to one or more parts.

And vice versa too!

You also can share sketches from one part to another.


Maybe this helps


Betreff: must be an easier way, variable table




I found this out the hard way and its the only way so far.  I haven't stuck a fork in it and called it done yet.  There is a few more tricks that I can try and see.


Thank you for your input though.




Re: must be an easier way, variable table


Only thing that comes to mind for me is to link instead using interpart copies, and drive things that way, which is how I normally do it. The copy/paste link thing can be tedius and tiresome, especially when you have to go back in and fix those links and know what they should link to.

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