need help getting started (even dumber than dumb?)

Maybe it's serious system issues preventing functionality?  I'm trying to use SE on a Mac Pro through Parallels.  Other engineering programs work fine this way but so far SE has some issues.  Mac Pro has 40GB RAM, Nvidia Quadro K5000 (4MB) for Mac, 12 core 2.66.  Parallels running Wondows 7 Pro. Upgrading to 7 Pro from Home eliminated many of the functionality issues with SE but the program is still beyond my logic - and I don't like to think I'm a dummy.  I would like to have someone walk me through a few BASIC commands - like MOVE an object - via a 10 minute phone conversation.  If after this consultation we find that SE just does not behave in the Parallel Universe I will need a consultant to build/model my project.  My project is a streamliner motorcycle to run at Bonneville - Land Speed Record stuff.  Might be helpful if you are in the Silicon Valley area but not a requirement.  Please respond if you can help & let me know your availablity.  Thanks very much, Leif


Re: need help getting started (even dumber than dumb?)

I've been using SE inside Parallels on 3 different Macs for 3 years now had have found it works quite well once you've chosen the correct Graphics mode; while you may have a killer video card, SE isn't "familiar" with the "Parallels Graphics Adaptor", or whatever it's called. It doesn't work as seamlessly or as quickly as SolidWorks and Unigraphics NX did, but it's quite acceptable for my needs of a fairly complex assembly with 250+ parts. The key for us was to make sure the "Graphics Card driven" was set to Direct3D to get the cleanest and fastest graphics performance. This setting is under Solid Edge Options -> View. I'm successfully running this even on a 12" Macbook with a lowly Core M processor and just the integrated Intel Graphics 5300. The VM gets 4GB of RAM, or half my macs capacity.

Re: need help getting started (even dumber than dumb?)

Thanks Michael but this just adds to the confusion.  I'm using a trial of ST8 and there does not appear to be an option beyond "graphics card driven".  I find no option to select "direct3D".   Before upgrading to Windows 7 Pro the navigator cube would not even show up so I'm wondering if I'm still missing some things.  This is the 2nd clean install of the ST8 trial.  Leif

Re: need help getting started (even dumber than dumb?)

Ah, well I'm unable to help much with ST8 being stuck at ST7 for now. I'm surprised they've eliminated that preference, but in ST7, there was a checkbox for "Automatic Selection" and then a pop-up which would activate when the checkbox was unchecked offering 5 options, one of which was Direct3D. Automatic would typically select "Basic", and the "Advanced" mode gives you some of the more "Aero" like features like selected bodies glowing orange rather than just highlighting orange wireframe.

Re: need help getting started (even dumber than dumb?)

Good morning archicruz. I don't have experience running SE through parallels, but I know a way to run SE through a Mac is to use bootcamp which basically boots it to a windows environment.


Additionally, there is new capability to run SE through the cloud for a trial on the website. Have you tried this?


If you'd like some assistance running basic commands, we can certainly walk through this as well.