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new user looking for revision control help.

Hi Everyone,

I am a new user of solid edge having come from inventor and have a few questions.

previously we used inventor along with a drawing management system called meridian that we used to control revisions, im assuming that there is something like that for solid edge.

I have done a little reading and have found "SP" is this an additionally program that can be purchased or is it a standard feature of the software?


thanks for any help on this, this is the first time i have used solid edge so im still finding my way around and discovering the best places for information at the min.


Re: new user looking for revision control help.

For native Solid Edge document management there is either Insight or SP.

Insight I believe is included with a classic license, while SP (Solid Edge for Sharepoint) offers additional functionality but is not free.


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Re: new user looking for revision control help.

There was a discussion with some helpful hints here


For Insight there are some videos here to get the first impression: