no-solid bodies Parasolid, translation to .stl

I have a model that panasonic has sent me. its a mesh file, with no solid bodies but saved as a parasolid. (x_t)

i think this is a method they use to stop misuse of their files. 


i need to save this as an STL to export it to my rendering software (blender).


because this is a mesh already, when i try to save the file as an .igs .stp or an stl, the translation fails, as its looking for solid bodies to convert to a mesh.


does anyone have a work around?



Re: no-solid bodies Parasolid, translation to .stl

Hi there @precisionmounting,


Any chance you can share the file [offline if need be].....there may be a way to convert this for you, with "other" software, by myself in a while, or another on this forum.

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Re: no-solid bodies Parasolid, translation to .stl

i really cant sean, not worth my job. Smiley Happy

Re: no-solid bodies Parasolid, translation to .stl

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If you already have a parasolid that can be opened in Solid Edge, a way of working around this problem would be to stitch the faces and attach them to create a body which would happily convert to an STL. I have tried out this workflow beginning with an X_T as mentioned in your case and faced no problems.

Re: no-solid bodies Parasolid, translation to .stl

you're calling it a mesh but is it simply a surface file and that's why it's able to be a parasolid? I receive "visible" surface files all the time from vendors with no internal data. If it is a surface it's considered a construction and upon export you must check that you wan to export surface constructions. going off of memory so I don't recall all the .stl option when exporting.

Re: no-solid bodies Parasolid, translation to .stl

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A little 't' can make a big difference.

If there are faces in the imported parasolid file, I believe they can be stitched and attached to make a body for exporting to STL.

If there are facets, then you have hit a brick wall as far as Solid Edge is concerned. Absolutely nothing can be done on facets, not even measurements.

Re: no-solid bodies Parasolid, translation to .stl

What I always try to do with surface models is try to close the holes and openings, after that what @Tushar is saying. Stitch and hope it works.

What I have understood also is that Spaceclaim can eddit these kind of files. Never tried the software or even have it.

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Re: no-solid bodies Parasolid, translation to .stl

craig, your right its a surface file. unfortunately the stl options do not help me. 

ive even tried exports as a step file, that has more export options but still no luck.