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ok don't chew my head off - how to scale?

I want to start off a drawing in 1:10 scale

whats the default scale ?

I am new to CAD although I'm 50 lol but started out a long long time ago as a draughtsperson, I am fairly computer literate and what I need to do is simple IF I can get this damn thing to draw a line 3000 mm long ON THE PAPER without taking off to be actually 3000mm long

I would really be appreciative of any help I can get to help this DUMMYSmiley Sad


Re: ok don't chew my head off - how to scale?

Some steps I found helpful.

1. Open Solid Edge 2D
2. When you get the start up screen, go to the Application Button, top left hand corner, click on it and a menu will open.
3. Select New from the menu.
4. This opens a dialogue titled New. It has 3 tabs, ‘General’, ‘More’, ‘Quick Sheets’ and ‘Reports’. Depending on how you set up SE2D will depend on what you have in General. This should be the normal sheet you would use. If the sheet in ‘General’ is not what you want select one from the ‘More’ tab.
Then click OK at the bottom of the Dialogue.
4. This then opens up with a window showing your sheet.
5. Click on the Application Button again and select ‘Sheet Setup’. This opens up a Dialogue for you to define your drawing sheet size, A2, A3 etc.
It has 3 tabs, ‘Size’, ‘Name’, ‘Background’.
In Size select your sheet size, units and precision. Name sets the sheets name, and Background sets the sheets background image, ie the border and title box.
Once you have set that click OK
6. Now in the ‘Home->Drawing Views’ menu click on 2D Model. When a dialogue appears click OK. On the bottom you will have 2 tabs, One titled ‘2D Model’, the other ‘Sheet1’ or similar.
You are now in the 1:1 drawing window, that is the 2D Model tab. Al things here are on a 1:2 scale.
7 set your Grid to what you want, ‘Home->Draw->Grid Options’, the little icon that looks like a grid with a pencil. The ‘Grid Options’ is on the right hand side of the ‘Draw’ menu box. Set the grid how you want.
8. Draw all things in the 2D Model Window full scale, that is 1:1.
9. When finished drawing click on the ‘Sheet1’ tab.
10. Now Click on ‘Home->Drawing Views->2D Model’. This will take you back to your 2D Model view but everything will be greyed. If necessary reduce the Zoom but using the sliding zoom scale on the bottom right hand corner. (Sliding Scale with a big ‘-’ sign on left, big ‘+’ sign on right).
11. Now crop out your drawing by drawing a crop rectangle around it, eg Click say top Left hand corner and then click bottom right corner. On completion this takes you back to the Sheet1 view and your drawing is carried with it, well a copy anyway.
12. You will see a red rectangle that outlines your work. Also on the left is a menu titled ‘Select’. Note this is in the Sheet1 view.
As your drawing is bigger than the actual sheet the red rectangle no doubt will vanish outside the edges.
13. In the Select menu on the Left hand side you will see a small box with a drop down menu titles ‘Scale’. SO before placing you drawing alter/select the scale that fits your drawing on to Sheet1, ie inside the borders.
14. When the red rectangle is where you want it click.
15 if it is still too large select the ‘Select All’ button in the ‘Select menu’ and then readjust the scale in the Select menu on the left hand side.

Ok I am sure I have left something out.
Also Rick may have a better way of doing it.

Re: ok don't chew my head off - how to scale?

I posted a new topic called "Answers to your Scaled Drawing Questions".
I hope it helps you understand drawings and scale.
Rick B.