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Good morning


We keep our model files on a network drive.  Drawings are released in a separate system (SAP Data management).  When NC programmers need to program a part, they woudl download the drawing from SAP.  As long as the path where the model files are stored does not change, the drawing will automatically connect with the model files.


Herein lies our problem.  Recently, the path were the model files are stored changed.  When downloading a drawing that was uploaded to SAP prior to the change, the links are brocken.  Is there a simple way to replace the path automatically when opening the drawing?


Thanks in advance


Walter Riegler

Voith Hydro, Inc


Re: path changed

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Gears Phenom

From SE Help Look into LinkMgmt.txt


Resolving document links

If you move documents from one location to another, the links to these documents could break. Solid Edge provides an ASCII text file that contains information to help you resolve links for documents managed by Insight. LinkMgmt.txt contains information that allows you to specify search orders and a search algorithm that defines the folders to search when resolving the link.

By default, LinkMgmt.txt is located in the Solid Edge Preferences folder. For example, \Program Files\Siemens\Solid Edge 2019\Preferences\LinkMgmt.txt . You can also specify that Solid Edge look for the file in a different folder, including a folder on another machine in the network. To do this, on the Application menu, click Settings Options . On the File Locations tab of the Solid Edge Options dialog box, select Link Management , and click Modify . On the Browse dialog box, specify the drive and folder containing LinkMgmt.txt .

You can use a text editor, such as Notepad, to edit the file. Review the following sample LinkMgmt.txt file.

C:\My Documents 
\\machine123\My Documents 

The keywords, Container, Relative and Absolute indicate the method and order in which links are resolved. Container looks for the files in the same folder as the container document.  Relative looks for the files relative to the container document at the time of placement or save. Absolute looks for the exact path for the files at the time of placement or save.  You may want to reorder or remove the keywords from the LinkMgmt.txt file to improve the performance of resolving the links.

If you do not know where the documents exist, you can add Search Paths to the LinkMgmt.txt file.  The folders listed between the keywords Begin Search Path and End Search Path are used to look for the links. Solid Edge recursively searches the subfolders of the specified folders. Once a document of the same name is found, the link is resolved.  When a file exists in more than one location, Solid Edge reports the file in the last path in the list.

You should only use Search Paths if links cannot be resolved using the conventional methods of Container, Relative, or Absolute. If you have Search Paths in the LinkMgmt.txt file, Solid Edge will search these folders for the documents, which could cause an unnecessary impact on performance. To stop using Search Paths, you can edit, delete, or rename the LinkMgmt.txt file.

There are two additional functions available to you in the LinkMgmt.txt file:


Replaces a portion of the old path with a new one. This is more effective than SEARCH, especially with large folders since SEARCH recursively traverses and caches all the files in the folder when Solid Edge starts. The format is as follows where pairs of lines in the MAP section describe the old path portion that needs to be replaced with the new path name.



Prevents any kind of link resolution. All links fail to bind with this setting. It is generally used when using RevMan API or handling a large number of files where even default link resolution/binding is a performance issue.

The LinkMgmt.txt file is read when you open documents.  Changes to the LinkMgmt.txt file do not affect any currently opened documents. You should close and reopen documents for new changes to take affect.

Matt Johnson
Solid Edge Certified Professional
Solid Edge 2019 (SEEC) - Production
NX12 (Tc Integration)
Teamcenter 10.1.7