patterned items, extra items result?


Okay, bear with me here. You will need to watch the accompanying video. Pay close attention to the item's instance number, i.e. 319-0330-SA1-03.par:7 with the :7 being the instance number. Okay, I have a small structure that is layed out with a square footprint. Then there is cross bracing on 3 sides. Different bracing on the 4th side. So, using a sketched circular pattern, I made a pattern with 4 instances, and suppressed one of those. So I added the cross bracing on one side, did a pattern, selected my sketch, and visually looks like it should, everything is where it should be. Until I notice that there are phantom instances here. Notice when I hover over one of these, 2 of them show up in my selection thingy when I right click. These instances are not in my pathfinder. Cannot scroll to them. Cannot figure out where they are. There isnt any modification to their occurence properties. But for some reason, an extra one shows up here. I thought maybe it was just a glitch or something but it also shows up in my parts list, as well as it is in my drawing views. If I go into the view properties it is here too. Since I suppressed that occurence in my sketch pattern, shouldn't it be suppressed and not stuffed into one of the other spaces?

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