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picture in draft

I have created a label, in a part file I draw rectangle in a sketch where I inserted a picture. The label looks good in the part file. How can I make the picture to be shown in a draft file, I only see the rectangle from the sketch and no picture. I selected Shaded with Edges from  Shading Options but does not show the picture. Waht other settings do I need to check?





Re: picture in draft

I have a similar issues, but my picture is part of the material definition. I'n my case it's a bump map of expanded metal.


Modeling expanded metal is way to file size heavy. The bumpmap looks great when modeling in draft, not as good.


The best way I have right now to display it with by using a shaded with grayscale display type in the draft environment. I try to minimize such display as that uses up the ink in the printer. But that only works for a representation of the finished part. I have yet to figure out how to show the expanded metal pattern in flat as the folding pattern is a function of the # of diamonds, not the dimension. And the diamond sizes are inconsistant.

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Re: picture in draft

Hi Marc,


What you need to do, is create a "New" "Face Style" then on the "Texture" tab, place your decal image.....use "Part Painter" to place the image to a part, selecting the "face" section filter [or could use an offset surface] in my example I've chosen to use the "Split" [based on a sketch I'd placed] command, from the surfacing tab.


When displayed as "Shaded" in draft, the "New" face style will be displayed.


Note: You may need to tweek scale & rotation of the decal image to fit the face you select....but it's all just tweaks from the relevant options....let me know if you need further info.




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Re: picture in draft

Thank you Sean, it works this way.