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I have been using Solid edge 2d for about a month or so, I really like it but I am
having problems plotting one particular drawing. Every time I print it I get some
symbols that I had deleted off the drawing earlier. The symbols do not show up on
the drawing or in the database and they only show up when I plot to my d size plotter.
If I plot to a c size sheet on a smaller printer the symbols are not there. The
symbols are basically an old weld symbol that I used in a previous CAD system consisting
of a 1/4 circle fillet filled in with solid fill.
They pop up at several places on my drawing. If I plot from the model I don't get
them but when I plot from a sheet I get them.
Larry Malone

Re: plotting

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You state that this only happens on one drawing. Is this a file that was
imported (translated) into Solid Edge?
Can you send the file directly to me so I can take a look at your problem?
Ricky Black
Solid Edge Product Manager - Draft / Data Migration
Siemens Automation and Drives
UGS PLM Software