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problem with size change




In sketch I have object consist of two curves smoothly connected by line ( I have tangential relations at both ends of the line). Everything is correct until I change size in parts family. Then my smoothly connections turn into something like Z shape (please see attached image).

Do you know what kind of relations I have to add or mayby other solutions to avoid that situation. It have to work correctly in all parts of family.


Thank you in advance for help.



Re: problem with size change

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor

@Arkadiusz_B  From what I can see, your constraints look correct but the solver is just using the "alternate" tangency condition instead of the natural one that you had placed when it updates.


What version of Solid Edge are you using?  I ask because everytime Solid Edge gets updated, it incorporates the newest version of the D-cubed solver which is also constantly updated to improve situations like this.  If you are on SE 2019, then I think you should report this as an issue through your VAR (or Siemens GTAC is an option).

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Re: problem with size change


Thank you for information, unfortunatly I work on ST8 wersion.

Re: problem with size change


I have seen this problem many times.

It usually happens when the changes are quite large, but when editing the dimensions manually in small increments the solution remains intact. It can also make a difference in what order the dimensions are changed.

Unfortunately this doesn't really help with FOP changes - although if you take a family member that is close to what you want it maight work.

One other thing to try is to make your smallest family member and increase the sizes rather than decreasing.

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