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proper assy structure for chain and sprockets


Hello Ladies & Gents,

I am trying to create a roller chain running around two sprockets in a simple conveyor system.

Being a novice, I would like to get some expert advice:

Should the chain components, sprockets and shafts be in one assembly? Or...

the chain a separate assy, each shaft with sprockets a separate assy (should these sub-assy's be combined into one main assy or be separate at the top level)?


Also, for some reason I don't seem to be able to get the path line length bang on. I can connect all but one chain link to the path. The last one gives me an error message. I tried to adjust the length to compensate for descrepancies, but without any luck. Any advice?


Ultimately my goal is to be able to move the chain along the path by rotating a sprocket to check for any collisions. (found some youtube videos on that topic, unfortunately in a foreign language)


Any and all advice is greatly appreciated


Win 7 Pro