question about Harness module and setup SE v20

I have some question about Harness module in SE. (Currently what I Use is ST7 version)
I made 1 Assembly to test Harness Wizard and it was make wires automatically.
I was successfully make it and report, but the report has no information about bundle's length.
how can I extract it?
and I want to control wires, bundles, cables option.
I know Harness Wizard makes wires based on "SEHarness.txt", "Condoctors.txt" located ST7>Preference.
can I add there the other options what I want?



this is the other question.
I have License already, but I deleted Solid Edge setup file. I want to setup SE v20.
where Can I download Solid Edge v20?


Re: question about Harness module and setup SE v20

don't know for V20


as per the wire harness report: you have to use 'harness report' (tool tab) then choose the 'connections' option and the 'format' button and finally add the column for the cut length.