"update sketch"?

Hey guys.  Wondering if I can sort of update my sketch to match my latest part modification.  I dimension the width of the part and change the number from 24 to 22 inches.  The part updates, but the sketch does not.  Help?



Re: "update sketch"?

Hi there,


Sounds like you're using Synchronous edits.....basically the sketch is only supposed to be a starting point, and gets left behind, as the faces themselves become the driving power for the design model, as it evolves.


If sketch based control is a MUST HAVE for you, then you're probably looking towards needing to use an Ordered mode work flow.

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Re: "update sketch"?

Sean is exactly right. In Sync, if you use sketchs for creation, Once each part is created, the sketches can be deleted as no relations are established.

Re: "update sketch"?

however,  sketch dimensions should have migrated from 2d to 3d and should now be PMI dimesnion from which you can drive you model based on faces as sean has said...