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read only assitant - available


I have a gerneral question.


Is there a way to tell if another user is in your model other than the read only assistant popping up?  Is there a definite way to tell which user is in your model?


Thank you!



Re: read only assitant - available


Are you managed? You file management system should show who has a model "checked out".

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Re: read only assitant - available

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HI @Jordan_L



this not only is a matter of managed or not managed, in the moment when You "Check Out" a document, it also will be shown by Solid Edge without any PDM system behind.

But, if not managed, it will be posssible to access a document "without" checking out or store back.


So a half time solution for @Lex-luthor would be, teaching the people to use the check out or check in mechanism.



Or - and this is the full solution - use the option for distributed files (drop box or cloud functionallity) which came with ST9.


If this option is turned ON, then always when a file will be accessed, a log file is created, where You can see since when and by whom it is used


Re: read only assitant - available





Thank you for your input. 


I am not sure if it is managed.


What I do know is that all of the files are on a network server.  When a user gains access to those files, the Reader only assistant dialog box comes up on my screen when I try to make modifications to the project.  It doesnt happen all of the time but when I need to finish up the project and go to the next step, I cannot proceed. 


So far, until Wolfgang might have came up with something, I cannot see whom the user is in the file.  All of the users that we have, have their own id to use on the SE.  The read only assitant dialog box does not show me whom is in the file.



Re: read only assitant - available

It shows that mine was turned off. Nice catch.!