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I want to create diagonal of rectangle every time when i draw rectangle with center rectangle.

is it possible in solidworks



Re: rectangle

Gears Phenom Gears Phenom
Gears Phenom

Hi @Raumik


I am a former SW user, I understand your habits.


No you cannot draw diagonal lines automatically. You can create them separatelly drawing them.


For your better sleep I would suggest to leave you SW habits home and focus to learn SE from scratch.

I was frustrated as you at the begining but every CAD is worth to learn , especially SE - which after my experience is a better ONE.


Enjoy !


Re: rectangle

Gears Honored Contributor Gears Honored Contributor
Gears Honored Contributor

Agree with what @arekkul said.


For just this case, try the Rectangle-Centerlines macro which works in both Draft and Sketcher, 

available from my download page:


1. It is the third in the Free Apps list.

2. A video is also available next to the download.

3. The download zip also contains an image which you can use on a button on the ribbon.

4. A detailed tutorial on how the program was coded is also available here:

5. Scroll down to the 3rd topic under MakerFaire section.


6. If you need, here's a link to the steps on how to add the macro to a ribbon button using the provided image for the button in Solid Edge:


Hope you like the macro and also find it useful.


7. If you are on FaceBook, join the Solid Edge user's group mentioned below - there were 776 Solid Edge topics last year alone.


~Tushar Suradkar

fb.pngSolid Edge Users Facebook Group - Let's Sync


Finally I could not resist posting the UI of the program:

Isin't it more feature rich than the one in SolidWorks ?