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renew liscense

I have been using 2d for some time and now when I open it up is states I must renew the free liscense. When I follow the procedures to do this it still asks me for this when I open up 2d once again. I can click on continue and use 2d but is this going to cause me problems when the free liscense expires. If so how can i renew the liscense before it expires. When i follow the procedures it send me an e-mail to the link for this page not a liscense renewal

Re: renew liscense

Check to see if you now have two versions of Solid Edge installed. If that is the case try opening each of them. One (the older installation) will ask you to renew your license. The new version will not.

At least that is what is happening to me.

regards, -john-

Re: renew liscense

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom
On the free2d web site you will enter your information. then you will be directed to a web page to either download the new version or update the license. there is a link on the page to update the license. It has been moved closer to the top of the page.

Rick B.