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right clicking stalls Solid Edge


Has anyone ever had a problem where Solid Edge locks up after "right clicking" your mouse, for example when you are dimensioning a sketch and you right click to repeat?  This has been an ongoing problem for the last year plus.  The company I work for has never upgraded from ST3, but will be upgrading to ST8 supposedly in the next month or two.  Our IT and Solid Edge experts cannot seem to find a solution to this problem other than what I am already doing which is being forced to reboot the entire computer.  This gets old when it happens 4 to 5 times a day, and I am losing an hour plus/day of productivity because of it.  If not, has it been an issue with those of you using ST8?  Thanks!!


Re: right clicking stalls Solid Edge

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor


    We have run into this before with ST3, which we are still on. This happened with all MP's and the only way it reduced the amount of times this happened was when we upgraded the computer and video card. We are currently running the NVIDIA Quadro K4200, but this is still happening. The only way we found to stop it from happening was to turn off the radial menu in the 3D environment. I'm hoping that when we upgrade to ST7 or 8 later this year this will be corrected as well.