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running the program


I have downloaded the program, installed it, the instalation went through but now
I can't find the program, there seems to be no way to accses it.

Re: running the program

When the download finishes, you should have saved a file on your system
called SE2DDraft.exe. You have to run the executable to install the
software. Follow the directions during the installation. The only thing you
may want to specify different than the defaults is the default units. If you
work in metric units, you can specify your working units to be metric on one
of the dialogs that is presented during the installation.
If the software installed properly, you can click on Start. There should be
a an entry for Solid Edge 2D Drafting in the program list. Also, if you
click on All Programs, you should see a program group called Solid Edge 2D
Drafting V20. In that program group is two entries, Solid Edge 2D Drafting
and Solid Edge Viewer.
Also, look in the 'C:/Program Files. See if you have a folder there named
'Solid Edge 2D Drafting V20'. If there is not a folder there with that name,
the installation was not successful. You can run the executable that you
downloaded again to install the software.
Rick B.