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I am having a problem with some hole pattern drawings that i have done, i designed
everything to the right specs then when it prints out the hole patterns and hole
table are so small you can barely read them and when i try to blow up the drawing
all the measurements go off the wall, is there a way to enlarge the picture without
having to remake it so when you print it out it will be a good size and i have tried
doing it with the printer settings but that doesn't help.

Re: size of print

Are you placing your geometry on a working sheet or in 2D Model? Are you
creating a real drawing or just a printout of the geometry?
From your description it sounds like the text size of the table and the
balloons that are connected to the holes is small relative to the geometry.
Is that correct?
There are a couple of things you can do to correct this. The most simple
thing is to change the text size of the styles that controll the table and
the balloons. The table uses a text style. The balloons use a dimension
1. At the top of the application window click on Format and then Style.
2. Select 'Dimension' in the Style type combo box.
3. When you installed the software you had a choise of 'English' or "Metric'
units. Which one you chose set up the default dimension style for ANSI or
4. You want to modify the appropriate style by selecting it in the list and
click on Modify.
5. Click on the 'Text' tab in the Modify Dimension Style dialog.
6. Change the font size to make the balloon text larger.
7. Click on OK.
8. Change the Style type to Text in the Style dialog.
9. Click on Normal in the list and then click on Modify again.
10. Click on the Paragraph tab.
11. Change the font size as before.
12. Click on OK.
13. Click on Apply in the Style dialog.
Your text should change size.
Rick B.