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for creating a part, you have 2 possibilities:
- create a sketch, after use, for example, extrude
- use extrude and use extrude sketch step
We use solid edge ST4, only ordered Smiley Sad.
For the second step - it is possible to use comannd tear-off sketch? If yes, how?

2 question:
on the drawing i have detail with scale 2:1. Witch ribbon sketching i create 2 lines. Back to ribbon home, use dimension. Dimension have ø48mm, but if i put the dimension, they have ø96mm. What i can create the correct dimension? All another dimension are green, but this dimension is black.


Re: sketch

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor
If you use the extrude command and use the sketch step, instead of Tear Off Sketch, use the Include command.
If adding manual detail to any kind of drawing view, it is best practice to right mouse click on the view and select Draw In View, add your elements and exit. By adding the elements in this way, they will dimension correctly for you when you dimension your view. This may not be possible without independent detail views. To answer your question about getting the dimension to be "scaled", you can go to the dimension properties after it is placed and on the general tab change the scale mode from automatic and set the correct scale.

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